Saturday, February 7, 2009

an old ebay listing that got a few laughs....

AWESOME handmade damascus kerambit from India. This is a high quality, hand forged knife which has over 200 layers of steel and will hold a wicked edge. It isn't sharpened, but unlike most kerambits it can have BOTH edges sharpened instead of just one- making it quite a lethal weapon. There is no scabbard. I don't really know how to measure this damn thing, but the blade seems to be about 4" and the handle (from the base of the blade to then end of the ring) is about 6". It's actually about 8" from the point of the blade to the end of the handle, but straightened out it'd be more like 10". So NEVER underestimate "curvature" kids (heh heh). CAUTION- if you have Chris Sayoc sized fingers you might not want to bid on this knife! Since this is made in Asia where people tend to be a lot scrawnier than here in the US, the finger hole is only 15/16 of an inch across. It fits me fine, but I'm only 5'3, so go figure (that might explain my weapons fetish- can you say "small man overcompensating?") I also polished the inside of the finger hole, making it easy to spin around when doing fancy- shmancy techniques that look cool but would get you thrown in the slammer and acquainted with men named "Hoss" and "Bubba" if you ever did them in "real" life (put THAT in yer pipe and smoke it Mr. "reality" self defense). I actually really like this knife, but since I'm in danger of losing my college credits because of being overdue on tuition payments, my precious heirlooms must go the way of the dinosaurs. (Sigh) it's a sad day. Anyway, winner pays $6 priority shipping US (with confirmation)- $10 world. PLEASE READ ALL MY TERMS BEFORE BIDDING! This is being sold AS IS and for the love of god, PLEASE be at least 18 years old if you bid on this, or you will have proven that the throng of parents who forbade their kids from hanging out with me when I was younger because I was "a bad influence" were right all along :-( Lately people have been trying to get me to end auctions early and low- ball me on postage. That is unacceptable. My prices are FIRM, this is not a flea market- so don't bid if you can't pay! I like paypal the best- please use it if you have it! I WILL (begrudgingly) accept money orders, but in lieu of a whole bunch of bozos recently pulling the old "I'll send the $ out this week, I promise" routine and then taking 3+ weeks to pay me, if I don't get the money order within 10 days I'm relisting the item and filing an unpaid item dispute. I strongly recommend that you use paypal, and pay me ASAP. Really, it doesn't bite, kids. In fact it's quite convenient and fun to use- so get with technology ferchrissakes! ALL deadbeat bidders will get what I affectionately call "the feedback smackdown" regardless of whatever lame excuse you concoct, so don't even think about it kids... I'm a reasonable guy, but since I'm broke I'm not very patient- dig? Nor am I the most emotionally (OR psychologically) well adjusted individual. I mean, just look at the stuff I sell on here! Bidders LOVE me tho- just check out my feedback! Please check out my other auctions for more cool (yet completely unrelated) items!

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