Monday, November 9, 2009

Shameless Plug

This is the blog of a feller named Nick Fitt. I met this irascible, arrogant prick back when he was like 15, and over the years he has cracked me up, pissed me off, infuriated, inspired and generally gotten a strong, blood pressure rising reaction out of me almost every time I've communicated with him, whether he was saying things I agreed with, or saying things that made me want to strangle him. Nick and I have been in touch off and on via the phone, the postal service and now here on the internet and I've had a love/ hate affair with him since day one. If there's one thing he's good at it's getting a reaction from me, be it positive or negative. The amount of adoration and loathing the rest of the peanut gallery regularly bestows upon him is evidence that I'm not the only one he can work his magick on.

The thing with Ole Nick (he's not even that old, he just kinda comes across that way in his bitter musings) is that he's really shaped up to be an excellent writer. Like one of the many "this guy should be getting paid for this" writers, so I implore you all to check out his musings.


Nick P said...

Best recommendation ever.

Bon Voyager said...

Yeah, I enjoy the hell outta Nick's blog as well. My favorite impression I get from Nick is that he is a staunch egoist/biophilosopher disguised as a socialist. I love it!

that wascally badger said...

The thing is, most people who are passionate about something have to have that kind of dualism or they'll go crazy. I for one am one of the most humanistic misanthropes, nihilistic idealists and non- spiritual religious types you'll ever meet. You need one to keep the other in check, otherwise you'll burn out and give up the fight completely. Every yang heeds its yin.